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    7500 Lumens Torch High Power Flashlight HID Battery Essential for Outdoors
7500 Lumens Torch High Power Flashlight HID Battery Essential for Outdoors
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7500 Lumens Torch High Power Flashlight HID Battery Essential for Outdoors

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What do you want to do most during weekends? let's go hiking or camping. Take this powerful flashlight with you, you will have much from it. The 7500 lumens brightness can lead you a bright way at night, large capacity battery serves a long time without recharging. Solid structure helps you defense attacks once in danger. The whole equipment was put in a compact case, convenient to carry.

  • Luminosity
  • Run time
    2 Hours
  • Waterproof
  • Warranty
    6 Months
  • Weight

Stable high power flashlight in elengant style, waterproof design and equipped with fine aluminium case. You can take it for camping, hiking or exploring.


* Working Voltage: 12.0V
* Working current: 4.2A
* Starting Max current: <8A
* Power output: 35W/55W/75W, Flashing, SOS (5 modes)
* Output temporary max voltage: 23KVMax
* Working temperature: -20℃~50℃
* Starting environment: 0~+50 celes degree
* Waterproof degree: Suit in all weather conditions
* Net weight: 1248g (battery weight included)


* Before using the flashlight at the first time, please do remember to charge the battery to full capacity.

* There is a protective chip inserted into the battery install place, its used to insulate current and keep safety. when you mount the battery, please tear it off. Otherwise the current cannot get through, and the flashlight will not work accordingly.

* When you don't use the flashlight, you can take the battery off and put it in dry environment to protect its life.

* Please keep in mind that do not direct the flashlight into human eyes it will be dangerous.


1 x 85W 7500LM HID Xenon torch
1 x AC adaptor (90-240V)
1 x car charger
1 x rechargeable 8700mAH Li-on batteries
1 x filter
1 x manual

Tips: To protect your eyes safety, please do not look directly into the strong light.

85W HID Flashlight Torch

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