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    2650mAh Phone Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
2650mAh Phone Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
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2650mAh Phone Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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Extended 2650mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Phone

Along with call quality, a cell phone's battery life is one of the most important considerations. When go on a business trip, make sure your cell phone is powered with a cell phone battery that is fully charged is very important. If you forget to charge your phone, this 2650 mAh extended phone battery will be a great back-up. It is small and light-weight, so you can carry it anytime anywhere.


1 x 2650 mAh Battery


*Brand: Mbuynow
* Cell type: Li-ion
* Voltage: 3.7V
* Capacity: 2650mAh
* Compatible with Samsung GALAXY S4 Mini

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