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    4000mah iPhone X/ XS Red Battery Case Magnetic Power Bank Charger Back Cover
4000mah iPhone X/ XS Red Battery Case Magnetic Power Bank Charger Back Cover
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4000mah iPhone X/ XS Red Battery Case Magnetic Power Bank Charger Back Cover

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360 degree all-round protection, more complete protection, more secure. Upgraded cell, smartly adapt to the phone, will not get hot when charging nor hurt the phone. All-inclusive anti-fall, over-voltage, over-current protection and other top ten intelligent protection. No need to bring a cable, one button to get it charged. Convenient to carry and easy to travel, a battery case that can be carried on plane.

Cell type: polymer lithium ion battery
Shell material: PC
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Applicable models: iPhone X/XS
Product Size: 18.5*10.5*2.5cm
Product weight: 180g

The shape design is light and thin, large capacity, long-lasting battery life and easy to carry.
Independent hole design, accurate hole to prevent damage to the camera.
Hand feeling comfortable, no chin shape
All-inclusive protection, anti-shock and anti-fall, does not hurt the phone
Support Apple data cable charging, first charge the iPhone, then charge the back battery, automatically power off after full charge
LED light display, clear and convenient
Overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, temperature protection, recovery protection, electromagnetic field protection

Packing includes:
1x Battery case
1x User Manual 

Safety Precautions:
1. Do not use or store the device in a humid environment such as a bathroom or in a dusty or dirty place. This may damage parts and electronic components.
2. Do not place the device in an overheated place. High temperature will shorten the life of the electronic device and damage the battery and the plastic parts of the product.
3. Do not hit or throw the equipment strongly, as this may damage its delicate construction.
4. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning or strong detergent to clean the equipment.
5. Do not use in a flammable or explosive environment.
6. If abnormalities such as odor, fever, discoloration, deformation, etc. are found, stop using the device immediately and contact us.
7. Do not place in a place where infants can reach. Children should be used under parental supervision.

Common problem and handling methods:
1. Cannot input power or can not enter lighting mode
Cause: The battery is low, or the product has entered protection mode due to improper use.
Solution: Charge the device or connect the power supply correctly again
2. Charging time is too long / can not be charged
Cause 1: Room temperature is too low or too high.
Solution: Please charge it in a room with temperature of 0°C-35°C.
Cause 2: The power adapter power is too low
Solution: Please charge the product with a 5V, at least 800mA power supply.
Cause 3: The connection line is not in good contact.
Solution: Check the cable to ensure good contact or replace the damaged cable

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