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    7500mAh Galaxy S5(Battery+White Back Cover)
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7500mAh Galaxy S5(Battery+White Back Cover)
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7500mAh Galaxy S5(Battery+White Back Cover)

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  • 7500mAh Good Performance Item Galaxy S5(Battery+Khaki Back Cover)
  • 7500mAh Galaxy S5(Battery+White Back Cover)


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3.8V 7500mAh Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5

This mbuynow replacement battery is designed for Samsung Galaxy S5, features 7500mAh capacity, it is able to keep you phone for long time talking, watch video, listen music and playing games. Backup one for your long trip and it will not let you down.

* Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S5
* Color: White
* Brand: mbuynow
* Cell type:Li-ion
* Voltage:3.8V
* Capacity:7500mAh

* Excellent quality battery For Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone
* This battery has an integrated microchip that prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life
* The battery operation time depends on conditions such as:
Transmitting power level,Signal(distance between the phone and the base station),Network parameters defined by the operator

1x 750mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S5
1x Cover Case in White

1. The extended batteries are thicker than the original battery and a special back door has to be used with the larger battery (included with each battery)
2. When using the battery,please use up all the energy of battery for the first three times before charging, and then take a full charge fo 4-6hours,thus the battery can reach the optimum effect of using. This Extended battery just can fit our special back cover,you can't use your original size back cover using this battery.

Galaxy S5(Battery + white Back Cover)

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