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    Mbuynow Thermostatic Exposed Bar Mixer Shower Valve Tap
Mbuynow Thermostatic Exposed Bar Mixer Shower Valve Tap
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Mbuynow Thermostatic Exposed Bar Mixer Shower Valve Tap

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Brand Name: Mbuynow
Manufacturer: Mbuynow
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Zogin premium quality exposed thermostatic shower mixer valve tap;

Constant temperature control:

When you set the temperature, the thermostatic mixer adjusts the proportion of hot and cold water and keeps the effluent temperature to be constant; it will automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure in a very short period of time to maintain water temperature stable, no need for manual adjustment;

Security parameter:

If cold water were not in supply, the water yield would be automatically reduced to 1.9L/Min in very first 5 seconds, outflow volume<150ML, outlet temperature< 49°C;

Why choose Zogin shower thermostat?

Improved technologies for more safety, thrift and shower comfort, as well as a new design for an ergonomic shape, an aesthetic water flow and a functional shelf.

Zogin Shower Thermostat: Reliable and safe

★ Reliable compensation of temperature fluctuations

★ no risk of scalding in case of cold water failure

★ integrated lock at 38 degrees

Zogin Shower Thermostat: First-class comfort

★ Desired temperature reached within a few seconds

★ environmentally friendly and energy-efficient

★ Suitable for both the spa and instantaneous water heater as well as all commercially available hot and cold water systems

★ Noble and timeless design

★ Dirt trap guarantees long-term benefits

Technical specifications:

Recommended pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa

Cold water supply temperature: 5-29 ° C

Hot water temperature range: 55-85 ° C

Outlet water supply Temperature range: 20-50 ° C

Safety stop: 38 ° C

The arm length: 27.5 cm

the connections middle / middle: 15 cm

Package includes:

◆ 1 x shower thermostat

◆ 2 x 3/4 to 1/2 angle adapter

◆ 2 x decorative cover made of stainless steel

◆ 2 x filters

◆ 1 x manual

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