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Welcome to our website! We wish to make a good cooperation with all of you...Here is some helpful information for you about our business policies.

  1. Customs Duty: Prices of our products are not including the customs duties, and we do not responsible for any customs duties produced.
  2. Order Turnaround Times: Order turnaround times depending on the units and products of your order. Please allow one week for to prepare for that.
  3. OEM Support: We accept custom service for some of our products, such as insert custom logo for some products and more, for these businesses, you may need to contact with our customer service.
  4. Wholesale Price: We reserve the right to change the price of our products every month, and due to the exchange rate, price will be a little different.
  5. Extra assistance: For any other question about our products or wholesale service, please contact us at
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